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               Excerpts from Facets




 Move in silence

As every fight doesn't deserve a punch

Move in peace

Every tide doesn't need another wave

Move calmly

Every storm doesn't need more wind

Move with grace

Every argument doesn't need more words

Move in peace

As every corner of the world needs some

Move in love

Until all the wars are won!

Be the ray of sun,

The star of hope,

The gentleness to help all cope!




Get help is what they say

Let me tell you what happened today

I say fact

They say fiction

OK, wait a minute I'll give you a description

My eye was puffy and black

They say ma'am we need more fact

So my arm was black and blue

They say

We want to believe what you say is true

After an hour talking to the crew

They say til next time there's nothing we can do

I rushed home in despair

All day long I found no one to care

Again I spent another night

My whole body shaken with fright

Now I speak to you from above

After another brutal beating

All I wanted was love!