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       Excerpts from Next Turn Love




Come let me touch your body

Let me caress you here

Oh no, it's not time

For me to get to that special part.


Please absorb my energy

Receive it like a fine wine

Before I reach that area

I first want to consume your mind


I want you to read my thoughts

Before I am actually through

In any situation I want you to know

Exactly what I would do


As you read these words,

Please take a moment to breathe them in

Understand what you want from one

Before you give that special part again.




Once upon a time

Exactly when is not clear

I was alone

And you weren't here

But over the rainbow

And through the woods

Was a trip I took

That did me good

For in an open clearing

On a beautiful day

I found you,

Love you

And hope you'll never go away!